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The international exchange of goods keeps intensifying; trade is – thanks to information technologies – being performed faster and at longer distances. Contracts are often concluded without a personal contacts between the shipper and the consignee. Global trade is however not getting easier, often on contrary. Transport technologies have their logical limitations, costs reduction may produce questionable solution. Custom and similar rules are ever stricter and more complicated and thus endanger the result of a business. A shipper logically expects an individual, optimalised solution which may however remain beyond the capability of transport companies (often due to fierce price competition).

Do you need a transport expertise to the initial phase of your business ?

Do you need to verify an optimal routing proposal or to create one of your own ?

Do you need to get yourselves ready for the Buyers documentation requiremements, or – in a Buyers position – are you not sure of the correctness and completeness of documents received ?

Do you need an independent expertise in case of a damage claim ? Contact us any time …